New Zealand 2016

Welcome New Zealand Exchange Participants! We will be sharing information, tracking payments and fundraising balances, and counting down to the exchange on this page. If there is pertinent new information regarding the trip, count on finding it here first.

Total Funding:

Funding will be made in installments commencing immediately. The total requirement will be $3500. 6 installments must be made of $583.33. Payment dates are 1 Feb 2015, 1 May 2015, 1 Aug 2015, 1 Nov 2015, 1 Feb 2016, 1 Apr 2016. All funds must be received by 1 Apr 2016 and the amount owing must be $0 to board the plane.


Cheques should be made to The Navy League of Canada


Once payments for flights or activities are made, any contributed funds that cover the disbursements are non refundable. Removal from the trip due to misconduct will result in forfeiture of contributed and fundraised funds. See behaviour expectations below.




As we fundraise, you will build a "travel dollars" account. The balance of this account may be used to offset your next payment. Individual fundraising amounts will be tracked and be directly attributed to your travel dollar account. Group fundraising will be added up, and distributed by total hours spent participating in the group fundraising activity. It will be mandatory for all cadets to participate in group fundraising activities for a minimum amount of time depending on the activity. A minimum of one shift for example for a tag weekend. Failure to participate in group fundraising may result in you being removed from the exchange.


Tagging has been added to the schedule for April 18/19 and May 9/10. This will be a great opportunity to get a good chunk of funds into your travel account to reduce future payments.


We would like to have pub nights to accumulate funds, and invite the parents committee to begin organizing.




This exchange is ouside the scope of the typical cadet training program. Participating cadets will be held to a higher standard of expectations related to behaviour, especially in matters involving trust. Drug use, Alcohol abuse, Theft, Personal Misconduct are all highly scrutinized and will likely result in the dismissal from the exchange program, and possibly from the corps. The final decision for the removal of a cadet from the exchange is at the discretion the Commanding Officer.


Participants are expected to maintain attendance of 75% as a minimum for all mandatory training and activities. Failure to participate at this minimum level may result in your removal from the exchange.


Please note that behavour outside of cadet time in Canada may also influence your ellgibility to participate. For example, our last exchange saw the dismissal of a cadet for drug use outside of cadet activities as it brings into question your ability to act appropriately while on exchange during unsupervised free time.


Tracking for the funding of this trip will be by spreadsheet and is available for viewing by clicking here:

welcomed aboard

All the staff old and new have met to discuss the upcoming training year. Was great to sit at the table with such an awesome group of officers. I felt at home already. I am excited to meet all the Chiefs and PO's next week and get our year rolling. We have some exciting things coming up and am honored to be a part of Fraser. Go Raiders!

Hyack Parade - Operation May Day

102 FRASER will participate in the Hyack Parade in order to strengthen presence in the community as well as promote the corps to future cadets.

Drop off at Moody Park Arena

0930 for Band Members

1000 for the rest of Ship's company


Pick up at Queen's Park

1200 for all personnel


Follow this link for Warning Order:

Sign Up for Sailing April 12&13

Sign up for April 12 and 13 at Jericho Sailing Centre is available here:

The Warning Order can be found in the Warning Orders section of this website.

Those who are attempting to earn CanSail levels 1&2 will have priority.

NOTE: Those who have Drill Competition or are Tagging must know their timings and book themselves accordingly

Sailing April 12 & 13 Sign Up and Warning Order

The sign up for sailing on April 12 and April 13 is now open. The link can be found in the Warning Orders area of the website. Warning Order can also be found

Tagging Sign Up for April 4, 5 & 6

Sign up for tagging for April 4-6 is now open. 

All cadets of all ranks sign up for at least one shift. 

Those who are sailing that weekend are advised to sign up for shifts on Friday April 4.

Shift timing and locations are on the sign up sheet. Please check the link for the available shifts

Please click here to sign up

Note: only sign up in the grey boxes

New Zealand Exchange

This section will have information regarding the upcoming New Zealand Exchange. It will be updated with more activities your cadets can take part in as we get closer. 

-Wednesday, May 14 Potluck Signup

A welcome potluck dinner will be held Wednesday 14 May. All parents and family members in addition to our cadets are invited. Please bring a dish to share that will feed 10 guests. 

Potluck Signup is here

Thursday, May 15  Sports Night

637 Arrow Squadron is hosting us for a sports night with the NZ cadets. Drivers are needed to move the cadets from AITQ to Nelson Elementary School 4850 Irmin Street Burnaby.

Meet at AITQ at 1730.  Pickup at 637 Squadron at 2115 and return to AITQ.  If you are unable to drive cadets, please just meet at the squadron at 1815. 

Sports night and carpooling signup is here

Fri&Sat 16-17 May Op Discovery

Join us aboard HMCS Discovery for an overnight stay, ship and harbour tour. On Saturday, we will travel to Playland and then visit the Richmond Night Market.  We need help driving cadets from Richmond back to AITQ after the event.

1830 Arrival at HMCS Discovery 16 May (sleeping bags & air matresses required)

$22.00 due to the CO if you're coming to Playland NLT 14 May.

Help required driving cadets from Richmond Night Market at 2030.

Op Discovery Signup is here 

19-21 May Op Victoria Bound 

The warning order and sign up are found on the warning orders page here

$30 for the ferry is due NLT 30 Apr 14. 

22 May Richmond Extreme Airpark

We’re visiting the Richmond Air Park for a sports night. Canadian cadets’ costs will be covered by the fitness credit. We will require drivers to bring the NZ cadets back to AITQ from Richmond after the event and your assistance is requested.

If you are available to move the NZ cadets from BCIT Aerospace 3800 Cessna Drive, Richmond to the Airpark, please meet at BCIT @ 1730.

Airpark & Carpooling signup is here

23 May to 25 May Billeting 

We need help housing our visitors for one weekend. Pickup from AITQ Friday evening around supper, bring them and your cadet to the Hyack parade at 8th and 8th Saturday morning, help get them to the Tri Service Cadet Ball (meeting at Annacis or by bringing them to HMCS Discovery), and then back to AITQ Sunday morning. Exact timings to follow 

Sign up here


Join Sea Cadets

Santa Claus Hyack Parade and Food Drive

Warning Order for Santa Claus and Food Drive are in Warning Orders section of website. Link below if needed.



The General Training Weekend being held 4-6 Oct will have a potluck for all cadets, parents and family members of the corps at 6:30pm.  Please sign up to bring a dish and have some fun.

 The warning order for the weekend is posted here

Potluck sign up is here. 

See you Friday!